Networked Harm

Networking is an intrinsic contributor to the evolution of Life.

Information Technology has contributed exponentially.

Not all forms of networked information are without Harm.

To the extent that Harm is caused, adequate remedies are often in short supply.

Core-, Definitive-, Absolute-solutions do exist but...

They are neither in the public domain nor taught formally.

One consequence is Harm to vulnerable users of Social Media platforms.

Another is to other aspects of Nature, and the wider Ecology.

Each could be reduced, contained, overcome. Exponentially.

Media Networking is an obvious vehicle for ubiquitous transformation.

Instead of exacerbating vulnerabilities, reversal is deliverable.

This could be driven by dedicated AI, or otherwise.

This facility is intended as an initial introduction to these potentials.

It is connected directly to the compiler of them.

The commitment is to collaborative delivery to Scale.

An invitation is extended to those involved with Reach.

This, particularly to the Social Media sectors.